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Hi Mama’s!

I’m so happy with how the nursery turned out. The room is definitely on the smaller side (gotta love Manhattan), but I was on a mission to make it dreamy and serene. My friends and family would often ask what the nursery “theme” is and there is no theme…. I just wanted it to be a room that made me happy and calm. As you may or not know, I’m not a fan of girly things or too much pink etc but being that I’m having a girl, I knew I wanted some warm blush tones and creams/beiges and yes, some pink.

I started with wallpaper– I knew I wanted one accent wall. Since it’s a rental and the room is small it didn’t make sense to do all 4 walls but the wall behind the crib was the one I knew I wanted to be the accent. I bought the wallpaper from this polish brand, I definitely recommend them. Easy enough to put up (Marat would say otherwise maybe lol) and the prints are SO cute. I chose dandelions because it was subtle enough but I loved the dash of pink and earthy vibes it brought to the room.

As for furniture, dresser and crib are from Restoration Hardware. Here is the dresser, and here is the crib we bought both in aged white which I LOVE! We also are waiting on the matching mirror to put over the dresser. The last piece of furniture, the glider, is a game changer. It’s a bit less bulky than most but I loved that its electronic and doesn’t make noise or take effort to get the recliner all the way back. This is the one we chose and I highly recommend this recliner/rocker/glider.

As for decorations and chachkees…. I chose this rug. Finding a rug was the hardest for me because we’re not rug people (we have dogs) and I REALLY wanted a cream rug that was thin but all the cream rugs are so thick. So I chose this one and am pretty happy with it. I also like that it’s so inexpensive because if we choose it’s not for us or it gets dirty I wont feel bad chucking it.

I got super lucky with the lamp because it matched our furniture perfectly, we purchased this lamp and added this dimmer to it which is so convenient.

I also really wanted this hamper, toy basket, and diaper caddy. I love that it all matches and is cohesive. I couldn’t help myself and got the custom inserts that say “laundry” and “toy basket” because I’m a sucker haha.

Now let’s get to the important stuff. I chose the Avocado green crib mattress. I love that it has a infant side and a toddler side, it’s natural and made from organic materials and non toxic. It also fits perfectly into the crib I chose with no space at all in between the crib and mattress.

For crib sheets and bed skirt I again went to RH and got a few prints. They fit perfectly.

The changing pad often gets overlooked but the baby spends enough time there that I wanted to make sure it was also natural/green. I went with this changing pad. I like that it’s organic, allergy friendly and safe. As for covers, I got two— pink and white. Looking back…maybe the grey and white would be better options to match the rest of my decor as the pink is very pigmented and a bit peachy.

Our mobile was gifted from our cousins from one of our favorite brands, Pehr. It’s so dreamy, I love it.

On a less glamorous note… our diaper pale is ubbi and it was the most recommended to us. We love how it looks in the nursery in ivory!

Our curtain rods, I chose these and think they’re perfect for the vibe. The curtains, I didn’t want to splurge and found this great deal on amazon.

We bought two book shelves, I really didn’t want to take away from the books themselves so I went with acrylic. These are beautiful and sturdy.

Lastly, some toys that made the room come together are mostly from Scandiborn. I literally want EVERYTHING from this site. So damn cute and all the colors are exactly my fave-muted tones and very earthy.