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Shopbop picks

The shopbop sale is finally here and I’m sorry I’m a bit late but…better late than never.

Let’s get to it.

Ten things I own/or want thats include in the sale.

  1. Favorite faded black denim 90s style

2. I wear these every single day

3. Plaid coat

4. Leather Puffer (this always sells out, hurryyyy and PS this color is drooool worthy)

5. House sweats

6. Bodysuit (I have every color, and wear it at least 3x a week either as layering or as my top)

7. Turtleneck Bodysuit (same brand as above, and same thing. Have every color and wear it a ton in the winter for layering)

8. Splurge worthy timeless cardigan

9. Comfy but chic hoody

10. Vacation dress