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What I bought in August

You ladies loved the ‘What I bought in July’ post so let’s do it again!

  1. Biggest beatles fan alive and own no merch as the quality always is crap and vintage is too much $ for no good reason. When I saw this I rannnn. Size large to be extra comfy

2. Got these in a size 26, perfect for fall

3. My favorite new denim are these though, got a size 25

4. Got this sweatset in a small. Highly recommend the sweatshirt for day to day with denim or with pants. Super soft, lux and comfy. PANTS


6. Perfect high rise short thats the perfect length. Trust me. TTS

7. I’m so late on the anklet game but so glad you guys love the two I chose to wear daily. Here’s the gold one

8. Here’s the pearl one

9. Another thing you just gotta trust me on…these are the BEST

10. Last but not least, perfect biker shorts for yoga but been loving them for running. Pocket holds my phone without budging. Wearing XS