Newborn Essentials aka What to put on your Registry

Hi Mama’s and Mamas-to-be!

I’m so excited to finally have a few moments and share with you the items Marat and I have found CRUCIAL for baby Leia. I was that mama that put toys and cute blankies on her registry and let me tell you…that’s not what you’re gonna need/want. So let’s get into it.

1. BIBS/BURP CLOTHES: Why does no one talk about this? We have about 12 and it’s the only thing we’re constantly running out of. These burp clothes and these bibs are our favorite and we’ve tried a few. Esp. perfect for newborns. (bonus, buy two packs of the burp clothes because you can use them for bathtime!)

2. DOCKATOT: Never met a baby who didn’t automatically love this. We try to have the majority of Leia’s naps in her bassinet but if we’re in the living room and need to do something or just want a break from the bedroom and/or nursery, we use the dockatot. She loves it- she feels cuddled in it and I like that her head is slightly elevated, perfect for reflux babies.

3. BASSINET: Those who follow me on stories know my mom bought us the SNOO and Leia hates it. LOL! So we panic-purchased the HALO bassinet and we both love it. The newborn insert provides extra support and that cuddling feeling that all babies love and I love that I can see through the net and make sure she’s okay (you’ll want this even if you think you’re not neurotic 😉 )The noise and vibration it makes I don’t use but I do use the light it has esp. in the middle of the night to make sure her sounds are just normal and not her actually being awake and ready to rumble.

4. SWADDLES: We were definitely those parents-to-be who thought we could swaddle in a regular swaddle blanket. The thing is..even the nurses can barely do it at the hospital. And they do it all day all night long. Please do yourself a favor and buy one with velcro! Here are my favorites -they’re all pretty good/similar: 

A) For the baby who loves her arms up this is the best swaddle

B) Arms up OR down OR on the belly and fits shoulders best IMO

C) Tightest swaddle

5. PACIFIERS: get a bunch, you never know what your baby likes. We went with MAM, BIBS, and SOOTHIE.

6. STERILIZER: No one seems to discuss how most of your “free time” is sterilizing baby stuff! Especially if you’re pumping. We LOVE our baby brezza sterilizer!

7. BOPPY: Great for breastfeeding or just bottle feeding if you need more support esp if you had a c section but we use it primarily for tummy time! Leia loves it.

8. DIAPER BALM: Our favorite is Earth Mama, it smells good, is organic/natural, absorbs well and keeps babys butt safe from potty.

9. BABYGANICS! We use their detergent, sanitizer, their shampoo/bodywash and their dishwashing soap for bottles and baby things.

10. WATERWIPES: best wipes IMO, love that it’s mostly water and a bit of grape water.

11. NAIL FILE: I don’t cut her nails but I file with this…I plan to cut when she’s a bit bigger as her nails are so soft and connected to her skin, not worth making a booboo!

12. SOUND MACHINES! You need these. PORTABLE, NURSERY, Trust me.

13. BATHTUB: Our sinks are too small and I didn’t want to hunch over my tub while the baby is a newborn so we got this tub and its PERFECT.

14. CAR SEAT: Everyone recommended this one and that’s why we put it on our registry. Leia LOVES IT and I like that it’s both a car seat and stroller. Makes quick trips to the pediatrician so much easier.

15. STROLLER: We got the Bugaboo Fox 2 and we love it–it’s a little big for the city, tight to get around hallways in and out of elevators but really comfy and sturdy and the storage is the best.

That’s all my mom brain can think of right now. Keep in mind, there are many more “essentials” but these are our can’t live without newborn essentials. I’ll try and do an updated one once she’s bigger and will be needing different things! Hope this helps mama’s! x