New Year, New Me … ?

Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already 2021… time has flown by.

Obviously I have been hinting on my IG stories that we may be moving, and we still may. It’s not 100% because being in the business, I know how real estate transactions can go seriously wrong but we have our hopes set high. We’re so excited to move into a house, into a space that we customized everything for our needs, and of course to build Leia her playroom of her (my) dreams. lol.

With the new year and the (hopeful) change in scenery, I have been thinking a lot about what makes me feel good. 2020 has brought us all to value health and happiness above all. We’ve all made updates to our self care and our homes to feel better about our space, our well-being, our life.

What makes me feel good is how I look. I know it may be vain but you know, it’s what works for me. So, I decided I want to up my game in what I wear as a new mom, at home. Right now, since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, I can’t get the botox I desperately need so clothes it is! Yes, my eberjey pajamas will still be in heavy rotation but I definitely want to start dressing a bit more for the day, and not just in chic sweats (which will also still be in heavy rotation DW!)

Here are some outfits / items in my cart and on my wishlist. I’m thinking denim (I really love denim) with a cute tighter tee/tank and a cardigan. For a chic mom look.

Here are the cardigans I’m LOVING:

1. Long Cardigan

2. Cable knit

3. Short and extra cozy

  1. Been eyeing these forever…should I just get them already?
  2. AGOLDE high rise are the best fitting esp. if your’e not in the best shape of your life 😉
  1. BLACK
  2. WHITE w button details (loveeee this one)
  3. beige
  4. grey
  5. white

*all the basic colors I love

Few things for the home…

  1. Candles (love all the prints)

2. Slippers of dreams

Hope you guys enjoyed this x