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So many other blog posts I can write about right now-but all I can think about is how my lips are dry and it’s spring. Obviously we’re all a bit stressed right now and that can do some funky stuff to our bodies and skin. We of course are always focusing on our skin but how about our lips?

I wanted to share with you my favorite lippies–some old, some brand spanking new. The thing I find with lip balms is they don’t need too long of a testing period before you know it’s good. Just as long as those first few moments of hydration last a few hours, I’m happy. Can’t expect miracles ladies!

  1. Tata Harper Be True: ($32) I am very loyal to brands that I know work and TH is one of those brands. I’m on my 3rd lip balm, mostly because I don’t use it generously because I’m always scared to run out! It is natural, smells heavenly, tastes delish and keeps my lips hydrated without being oily. Also–the packaging is so chic!

2. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm: ($22) Love the texture of this, though I would call it more of a mask than a balm. I use it anytime I feel like my lips are dry and the hydration lasts a LONG time. Because of the thick consistency I prefer to use it before bed. I received this about a month ago but its definitely one I’ll keep in rotation.

3. Lano Coconutter 101 ointment: ($13.50) Love lanolin based products. Thick but really last a very long time. I swear these make my lips feel bigger. I’m probably on my 7th bottle…so it’s an OG for me. There’s a bunch of different scents and flavors etc but this one is my fav.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Oil: ($40) Just got this in literally 2 days ago and I’m hooked. I’m easy ladies…I saw the applicator and that was it for me. Reminds me of those 1990’s cherry roller ball lippies we were all obsessed with except instead of nasty oil spilling out it’s a luxurious non sticky lip oil that keeps my lips hydrated and smooth for hours.

5. Fresh Advanced Therapy: ($26) Pretty sure every girl has owned, tried and loved fresh lip balms. There are so many different scents and formulas, some even with spf and tints but this is my absolute favorite. Only issue is that if it gets warm, it melts, so do not leave out in the heat!

6. Aquaphor: ($10) I never not have a small AND a big tube of aquaphor with me. It’s multipurpose and besides for being GREAT on the lips (though is not natural, chic, smells good nor tastes good) it’s great for inside the nose when your nose is dry. Trust me, it’s a life savior. My husband won’t wear anything else, and I totally get it. It works. I especially love it for flights, not that we’re going anywhere anytime soon…

7. RMS Lip Balm : ($23) Tried this about a month ago and it’s amazing. Really luxurious and leaves my lips feeling the softest ever! Very kissable 😉 my only complaint is I despite sticking my finger in things…that being said, I get why they can’t really transform this into a stick but wish they could figure it out cz then it would be my #1!