What I buy on Amazon

I have never noticed how often I go to Amazon for so many of my shopping needs until COVID-19. I figured since we’re all (most of us) practicing social distancing, I’d put together my list of favorites and repurchases from amazon. Let’s dive right in.


This obviously only applies to my fellow preggo ladies…but WOW, you can find nearly everything needed during pregnancy on amazon. Here’s what I purchased so far.

Prenatals : I’m going to preface this entire pregnancy part with, I’m not a doctor and please speak with your OBGYN before making any decisions with vitamins and or pills etc. Since I have so many allergies this was one of only two prenatals I was allowed to have. I finished two of these bottles (no problems, no complains except you need to add a DHA&Calcium supplement) and then I switched to Ritual which I am now on bottle 2 and will probably continue taking for the rest of my pregnancy.

Pregnancy Body Pillow: At 20 weeks pregnant, I’m just now starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I bought this pillow and it’s AMAZING but to be honest I haven’t used it yet because I am sleeping (knocks on wood) very well and comfortably so far. All my momma friends said its better to purchase this before you get uncomfortable so you don’t miss out on any nights of sleep and thats what I did!

Unisom Sleep Tablets: AGAIN SPEAK TO YOUR OBGYN! As you may remember, I have had severe nausea from day 2 of conception (really, fml) to about 16 weeks (24/7). My insurance does not cover Diclegis which is essentially Unisom Sleep Tablets PLUS B6 so my OB told me to make it myself at home, which I do. It DEFINITELY helps me because the few nights I forgot to take it, the next day or two I’m miserably nauseous. Unisom at night, b6 vitamins twice a day.

Comfy Bra: I know this is super random but esp. in the first trimester, most women’s breasts get very sore and I couldn’t tolerate wearing my normal underwire bras so this was a LIFESAVER. Super comfy. TTS take what you wear in a sports bra.


Okay, am I the only one who didn’t know you can buy fashion related items on Amazon? I was browsing today and randomly saw a pair of sweatpants I’ve been wanting and was like…wait what. So I did some digging and they’re affiliated with shopbop which I will be doing a post on later re spring things. They also have random small boutiques that sell clothing. So here’s all my favorites so far. Most are on my wishlist since I legit discovered this this am! There’s also an entire amazon fashion section that I’ll have to dive into deeper on another post.

Baseball hat: I’m literally LOL right now. I don’t know why I felt the need to buy this. Ever since becoming pregnant my style has shifted (obviously) to more of an athletic/leisurely style and I felt like I was lacking an all black baseball cap. This was the chicest one I could find. I’ve since ordered, worn and loved this hat. HIGHLY RECOMMEND :-p

Socks: I have a sock obsession lately-again, probably because now I’m mostly wearing sneakers. I was wearing my nike high socks every single day but figured since spring is coming, I needed something a bit shorter and really wanted something without a logo. Okay fine, I saw Hailey Bieber wearing these so I stalked them and bought right away. Whatevs. They’re the best socks ever, you’re welcome.

The Great Tshirt This is my first shopbop find, got it in a size 1 in both the white and black which is the equivalent to a small. I’d normally be a 0 in the great. If you want more of an oversized look, go up a size. They arrive this week but this is a great loungewear brand. Super chic and comfy.

Eberjey Pajamas: eberyjey makes great PJs and for some reason, always find the best priced pajamas on amazon! I have this in two colorways -one size small, and one size medium. I like the M because it’s a bit longer and i’m 5’8 for reference.

FreeCity Sweatpants: These were THE sweatpant about ten years ago. I remember because I was in college when I bought my first pair. I still have them. QUALITY> QUANTITY. You always hear me preaching this. So yeah, $200 for sweatpants is a lot but if it lasts ten years and is still comfy and chic, it’s a win. Super excited to see the selection on amazon.


Okay… this is probably where I spend most of my time and money on amazon, shopping for the house. Marat does the same and some of these are his purchases too.

Shelves: these are the best shelves (I’ve purchased others before, believe you me!). They’re sturdy enough and I like the ledge so my beauty and skincare products don’t fall over. They’re also pretty chic and decently priced. I bought two and discarded the really long one.

Dog Bed: I wouldn’t even know where else to go for a dog bed? We’ve been buying them for the last 7 years on amazon. We get the same one over and over and over. Cause my dogs are animals and either rip them or vomit on them etc. This is the sturdiest we’ve found and well priced. We get jumbo size.

Dog Toys: same as above. Wouldn’t know where else to look for dog toys online for this cheap. In person, we love to go to home goods and marshals for dog toys and treats.

Doggie Bags: Marat has these on automatic purchase lol. He loves them. I obvi don’t pick up dog poop, duh. JK I do.

Cleaning supplies such as toilet paper, bounty, etc we also buy on amazon. I won’t link every product because honestly I’m getting bored of this 😛

Another hot amazon topic: whole foods prime!! so worth it esp if you shop at whole foods. During this whole covid pandemic, we’ve been relying on amazon delivery for food and cleaning supplies.


Again, where does someone buy books if not on amazon? I’m such a millennial it’s scary. I barely even walk by book stores nowadays and amazon is just so easy. Here are some of the books i’ve read and loved:

It Ends with Us: a colleen hoover book that is just so good.

Verity: the best colleen hoover book.

The Tattooist of Aushwitz: I love this book so much. I don’t care if you’re jewish or not, it is unbelievable. Highly recommend to read it, love it, remember it, share it.

Cilka’s Journey: if you loved tattooist of aushwitz above, then this is the best to read right after as it’s based off one of the main characters, Cilka.

For more of my book recommendations, I have a highlight on my insta named “Books”.

Hope you guys are staying sane during this crazy time and more importantly staying safe. Hopefully this post was at the least entertaining and you are now shopping and being a good consumer ! :-p