Our Wedding 6/26/2016

Happy Valentines day ya’ll!

I started blogging in August (crazy, huh?). Unfortunately, you guys missed out on all my wedding deets! Every girl thinks their wedding was special, so, here I am sharing my special wedding with you all. You can now see my wedding dress, venue and of course my handsome hubby.

The real truth is…this post is for my husband. He is my #1 fan, my #1 follower (stalker, mainly), and my favorite photographer. I love you my baby, know that everything I do, I do it for us. You are truly my best friend and the best husband I can ever ask for. Don’t ever change a thing.

We got married June 26, 2016 in Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, New Jersey. We opted for more of a classy wedding rather than a club scene (Which is fine, if that’s your style!). Here are 20 facts about our wedding!!!

1. I cried like a little bitch the ENTIRE TIME.
2. Marat didn’t cry but he had tears in his eyes the whole time (such a Russian).
3. We did a 2 part first dance–first song was How deep is your love by the Beegees and the second part was More than a Woman by the Beegees.
4. Every love song make me think of Marat.
5. We took dance lessons (and had the BEST TIME)
6. We did not mess up our choreographed dance, which our instructor Dragan from Freddy Astair was really proud of us (we love him)
7. I picked Beegees because my Dad loved them. He passed away when I was young so I wanted to incorporate him somehow.
8. I have 2 stepdads (how lucky am I?) My first stepdad I danced to Phil Collins You’ll be in my heart. He picked it, and again, cried like a little bitch. My moms husband now, we danced to “lEAN ON ME” by Bill Withers ( also his idea and I loved it.)
9. We wrote our own vows, and mine had everyone crying. Marats was surprisingly sensitive and beautiful.
10.We had the best time but everything went by SO FAST.
11. My dress was Galia Lahav, shoes were Christian Louboutin. Marat’s shoes and belt were Salvatore Ferragamo and suit by Hugo Boss
12. We had a live band of about 12 people (it was crazy but I am a music fanatic and wanted the best)
13. We had a string quartet even!
14. The bridal/grooms party walked down to ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ ….all strings
15. Marat walked down to “And I love her” by the Beatles, also done on string. If you didn’t know I’m the biggest beatles fan, now yah know.
16. I walked down to “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles, string obvi. This was prob the only thing I’ve envisioned my whole life is this one song and having an outdoor wedding.
17. All the flowers were white and blush peonies. There were some other flowers here and there but the main were peonies because they’re the prettiest and they’re in season in June!
18. Our cake was red velvet and vanilla (each tier was diff.) The cake was decorated with real flowers on top.
19. The song we entered into the venue and were introduced as Husband and Wife to was Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons ” I love you baby “…yes, not a hip hop song 😉
20. Our wedding party was a total of 8. Both Marat and I have very close friends, not an entire community. We love each dearly and for a LONG time so wanted to keep things intimate.

Now here’s some photos of us!

Here are some photos of the venue:

Here is the same day edit video