Fall Essentials

Unfortunately, its officially time to say goodbye to shorts and bikinis and start bringing back sweaters, scarves and jackets. As much as I love to wear a bathing suit and head over to the beach, I’m super excited to start wearing booties and buying hot oat milk lattes.

I decided to share some of my Fall essentials so that we could transition into the colder months together!

So here we go, these are my fall essentials:

1.Plaid, Plaid and Plaid!

Plaid is officially back and I’m all for it! I love throwing on a good plaid shirt or blazer on top of a basic outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, to spice it up a bit. I just got a new plaid shirt from R13 that I am absolutely in love with. I already wore it with a pair of black high waisted jeans and black booties, but I can’t wait to dress it down with cool grey sweats and sneakers. Also, if you have been following my page for a while you know I’m obsessed with a good oversized blazer and almost all of mine happen to be plaid

2.Oversized Wool Coats

Trench coats are definitely a staple in my closet for the fall. It got really cold in New York the past 2 weeks, but not cold enough for a huge puffer, so I really love wearing trench coats because they’re pretty light, but still keep me warm. I just got a gorgeous beige trench coat from Ba&sh and I cannot get enough of it. It makes every outfit look so chic, professional and put together.

3.Pointed Black Booties

GIANVITO ROSSI! IF YOU ARE READING SEND ME 10 BACKUPS! PLEASE AND THANK YOU! If you guys watched my story a few days ago then you know how excited I was to get my new black booties. They are the most comfortable bootie in the entire world. I just got them last week and already wore them so many times. Can’t wait to keep wearing them this season and will definitely have a lot of use for them in the winter.

4.Oat Milk Lattes

I have never been so thankful for a trend in my life. I am super allergic to a lot of different sorts of milk alternatives, so I am so happy about oat milk. I love to get a good oat milk latte from Ground Support Café or La Colombe. I also buy oat milk for home. I love to buy Oatly from Wholefoods. If you have every tried Yoohoo and want a non-dairy alternative, get the chocolate oat milk from Oatly. I recently got my assistant hooked on it. She steals a glass every time she comes to the office. I’m telling you, it’s so yummy.

5.Cozy Sweaters

I mean seriously, who isn’t obsessed with wearing a big cozy sweater. I’ve seen such cute pieces on Shopbop recently. There is nothing better than wearing cute pants and throwing on a chunky swear and being all cozy and warm.


Every time I post my Chanel backpack, you guys freak out. Which I totally understand since it’s also my favorite bag in my collection. My husband actually surprised me with this bag when we took a trip to Paris and I haven’t been able to stop using it since then. It is definitely a splurge, but like all things Chanel, it’s a bag that will last me a lifetime.

7.Leather Pants

I think I could officially say that I have every style leather pants out there, and I am NOT complaining. Leather pants are such a staple for me during the fall time. They’re a little thicker than regular jeans so they are perfect for keeping me warm. My two favorite ones are from Current/Elliot and Ba&sh. I actually just got my Current/Elliot ones and the little flare at the hem is super flattering. I’m obsessed with them. My pair from Ba&sh are actually leather leggings and they are so comfortable, I wear them all the time.

8.White Booties

Again! GIANVITO ROSSI SLIDE INTO MY DMS! I’ve had these pointed white booties for a while now and let me just tell you, they’re amazing. They are so comfortable, and I just can’t get enough of them. White boots came in last year and by the looks of it they are here to stay. I also have an amazing pair from Rag & Bone that I recently have been wearing again.

9.Animal Print

Animal print is huge this year! Leopard print made a huge comeback this summer and with fall here, I’ve noticed the snake skin is making a comeback as well. I already own two pairs of snakeskin booties, but I want to venture out into some cool animal print clothing. If you guys see anything cute, send me some links on Instagram.

Hope you guys enjoyed my fall essentials! If there is something that you guys think would make my fall even better, make sure to DM me!

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