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Do you remember the legging craze? You know, about 5-10 years ago, we all ditched our denims and our sweats for cropped, long, straight, flared, any type of leggings? Oh, I remember. It was the entire span of my highschool and college days…LEGGINGS. Such a blessing from above we all thought. Flattering goes with anything…need I mention, pajama-type comfort?

Then it happened. The day that some designer decided that denim and uncomfort was back in style again. We all threw out (or donated, like me 😉 ) our old leggings to make room for our new denims. Except that one pair. How did I know? ‘Cause I did the same thing and that pair is still in my closet. That pair is David Lerner. I can’t tell you how many dates, club nights, study days that poor pair of leggings has gone through and still looks perfect. It did not stretch out or wear down at all.

That’s why when DL reached out to me to work with me, I talked to my pair of leggings and said, baby you’re getting a new friend! Guys, don’t think I’m weird, I really like my comfortable fashion ok?!

Thank you David Lerner, for sending me now a new favorite. These washed out black moto leggings are SO my style. I paired them with fun sneakers, a distressed tee and a moto jacket. I had so many ideas for them. Next I think I’ll wear them with pumps and a sexy top for a night out with the hubby. PS at first, I was like sh*t they’re not going to fit me (which, I love/hate) after a swift pull they fit like a glove. They’re also super slimming and I wasn’t too shy if I bent down and my little toosh showed because unlike many leggings, they are no sheer. Super sturdy and sexy leggings. Every lady needs a pair like that. These are the ones I’m wearing: HERE I’m wearing a size small, I’m usually in between 25-26 in denims and they fit me perfect. I def. couldn’t go down a size and the medium would be too big. Hope that helps! OHHH and they’re long enough for us tall ladies, which is another reason why they’re my cult fav.

I just want to stress the fact that even though this was gifted to me, I have been wearing DL forever. The above is all facts. AND they have an effing Winnie the Pooh COLLECTION! I mean, common. Best brand ever. For those of you who don’t know…my crazy blondie dog is Winnie the Pooh. Like legit that is her name. LOOK AT THIS: WINNIE THE POOH TOP!<3  and just one more…this sexy silky top.. drool worthy! #davidlernerny #havezerolimits

Hope to be showing you guys more from David Lerner very soon!


Gabriella M.




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