Brokers&Bags x Parker NY

There comes a day in every bloggers life that one of their favorite brands asks to collaborate with them…well mine just happened! If you know me then you know Parker NY is one of my go to brands for sexy/cute rompers and skirts and going out tops! When they asked to collaborate, I was more than thrilled. I was so excited to see their new spring collection which as always, is flawless. I got to choose which product I wanted and I have to say it was a no brainer. Although I’d be happy rocking all the pieces, when I saw the Halston Jacket, all these outfit ideas came popping in my head!

Embroidery is probably the number 1 trend right now and although I’m not too “girly” I knew I could style this in a way where it fit in with my NYC street style. How did I do? I loved pairing this super girly yet almost business casual type of jacket with the sexiest body suit ever and then it only made sense to bring out my super ripped denims and a black bootie, of course. Everyone was staring at me and asking where I got this jacket during our photoshoot and I was more than happy to direct them to 😉

If I haven’t convinced you to get this jacket how about my next ideas… all black skinny jeans and sexy top + this jacket. Cut off denins, boots, crop top and this jacket —maybe for coachella? So many styling options. This is one piece that can elevate a lot of looks and is def. a spring wardrobe recommendation from yours truly. Enjoy your week ladies! xo

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