Sweaters You Need in Your Closet

It is officially sweater weather and I don’t think that anyone could be more excited than I am. During the colder months, I live in sweaters. I love to always look fashionable while still being comfortable, cozy and most importantly warm.

These are the sweaters that you should get your hands on this Fall:

1.Fitted Sweater

My favorite fitted sweater is my Equipment Sloane Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater. It’s thin so it has a really slim look to it, but still keeps me warm during the Fall and Winter. It comes in black and white, so it’s really great to match with anything in your closet.

2.Long Cardigan

Years of shopping has brought me to the conclusion that Acne Studios has the best long cardigans. One of my favorites is the Raya Mélange Knitted Cardigan. It comes in a few colors, so you have a few options as to what matches your style. I get that it’s a bit of a splurge, but I have had mine for almost 3 years now and it looks like I just bought it.

3.Short Cardigan

If you haven’t realized yet, I love wearing high-waisted jeans, so I like having a cardigan that will hit right above the waist line. The one that I have that I always wear is the Equipment Paz Cashmere Cardigan. I like to wear it over a bodysuit when I don’t necessarily feel like wearing a jacket. It has buttons in the front, so you could even close it up and wear it as a sweater. My  Current/Elliott Bets Sweater looks so professional and business chic. I love wearing it on a day that I know I have a few meetings to go to. I recently got a few things from Maiami Berlin and I am so obsessed with everything. The Maiami Berlin Multicoloured Big Cardigan is so warm and cozy. In the picture it looks like the holes in the sweater are a bit big, but I promise it really does keep you warm. The colors in the cardigan are also perfect to pair with anything.

4.Colorful Sweater

When it starts getting cold and gloomy in New York, I like to wear a sweater that has a pop of color. I recently posted a picture in my Maiami Berlin Big Striped Sweater and you all showed a little extra love for it. I definitely think that something as simple as color could brighten up any look.

5.Vintage Looking Sweater

Vintage is super in right now. Everyone is pulling out their oldest bags from designers like Fendi, Gucci and Dior and I’m all for it! There is something so cool and young about vintage looking pieces. My favorite ones are from Anine Bing and Madeworn. I know it’s not exactly vintage, but it sure looks like it.

MADEWORN Nirvana Cotton Sweatshirt

MADEWORN “Bowie” Distressed Cotton-Blend Sweatshirt

MADEWORN “Blondie” Cotton-Blen Sweatshirt

Anine Bing Tiger Cotton Sweatshirt

6.Turtle Neck Sweater

The amount of turtle neck sweaters that I have should be illegal. The wind in New York has been absolutely ridiculous. I love wearing scarves, but sometimes they just make my outfit look frumpy and I hate it. Turtle necks sort of act like a built-in scarf on your sweater. My all-time favorite one is the Acne Studio Cowl Neck Sweater. The turtle neck is super oversized and it’s so cozy.

Current/Elliott The Vin Sweater

Equipment Oscar Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater

7.Oversized Sweater

Let’s be real, sometimes we just want to eat a huge slice of pizza and then cover up the pizza baby belly, and that’s where a chunky oversized sweater comes in. When it gets super cold out, I love to wear an oversized chunky sweater to keep me warm. Tibi has the best oversized sweaters ever! I linked some of my favorite ones, you have to check them out!

TIBI Mohair Oversized Sweater

TIBI Alpaca Cozy Pullover Sweater

8.Printed Sweater

Printed sweaters are all the hype right now. I am still on a lookout for a cool animal printed sweater. I found some on R13that I might just have to get my hands on. I like the animal print cause the colors are all usually neutral. I have to order a cool leopard printed one or maybe even a cool zebra print one. HELP ME CHOOSE!!

Stella McCartney Tiger Print Sweater

R13 Leopard Cashmere Sweater

Saint Laurent Leopard Print Mohair Sweater

Saint Laurent Zebra Print Lurex Mohair Sweater

9.Cropped Sweater

Sometimes I like to show a little tummy, but never too much and wearing a cropped sweater with high waisted gives me exact look I’m going for. I have a few from Cotton Citizen that I’m obsessed with. Their Tokyo Crop Sweater is the perfect length for me! Also, their material is so soft I could literally wear their clothing all day long.

Stay warm everyone! If you find any sweaters that you think I should get, don’t be scared to send me a DM!

Can’t wait to see some of your recommendations.

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