My Favorite Things To Wear Around The House

Choosing an outfit in the morning helps me determine what my days going to be like depending on what shoes or coat I choose, and that’s fun, but my favorite time of day is getting home after a long morning of showings and meetings and just putting on my favorite “cozy clothes.” Some of you may not know, but as much as I love going out, I always look forward to coming home and lounging around in my favorite pieces. Here are a few of my top items:

Cotton Citizen Sets

Cotton Citizen makes some of my favorite tracksuits. Thanks to the recent “athleisure” trend, it’s been more socially acceptable for me to run errands in head-to-toe comfy looks. Their sets are so great because they’re basically all mix and match-able. Plus, the pants come with novelty accents like zippered ankles or relaxed hem, IF you want to take your cozy look on the go.

RE/DONE Long Sleeve Tees

I will never stop talking about RE/DONE and I think you might be catching on. Their long sleeve tees are amazing for lounging or layering. They’re made of 100% cotton and have the longest sleeves which are great for those frostier nights. You will wear this through every season and the quality will make it last. You can thank me later.

FREECITY Sweatpants

I’m sure you guys have known about FREECITY for years. They were a staple when I was in high school and they’re still around today. That’s how good they are. Recently, I’ve been opting for their more subdued colors but they come in everything from beige to hot pink. No matter what style you choose, the overall fit is very slim and flattering.

Madeworn Sweatshirts

Madeworn makes amazing vintage inspired concert tees but they have even better sweatshirts. The worn in look is very cool and goes with my daytime aesthetic but works seamlessly into my “at home” wardrobe. Their sweatshirts are a great “day-to-night in” piece. They have fun tie dye and colorful styles but my favorites are their off-white and gray looks.

Champion Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Champion has come back thanks to the athleisure trend. I have to say I equally love their sweatshirts and sweatpants – I can’t choose just one. They come in an infinite amount of styles: hooded, cropped, drawstring, wide leg or cuffed and I think I might own them all. Whoops. They keep me really warm with a brushed lining that feels great on my skin. I tend to buy a size up in their sweatshirts for a cute oversized look.

Wildfox Sweaters

This is another tried and true. I’ve had some of their things since high school and they’re still in top condition today. I have never found a product with fabric that feels quite the same as Wildfox. I’m not going to attempt to describe the fabric – let’s just say, if you know, you know. Some days just call for Wildfox.

Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation makes such soft casual wear. All of their products go through a ‘breaking down’ process where the clothing is given a vintage feel. From the second you put them on, they feel worn in as if you’ve been breaking them in for a while. I live in my sweatshirt/sweatpants combo.

Although I have what feels like an endless amount of cozy clothes, I can’t stop myself from buying more. If you have any pieces you can’t live without, do your girl a favor and leave them below.

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