My Coats: Why I Bought & Where to Buy

Happy Saturday!

I have noticed a trend in DM’s lately… “who makes your coat” or “where did you buy that coat” or ” is that coat warm?”. So… here it is. The why and there where.



Okay, sorry for the horrific instastory pic but I just got this coat about two weeks ago and didn’t do a photoshoot yet but you all have been going CRAZY for it. Funny story behind this one. Remember my first day of Compass few weeks ago? No of course not. BUT you do remember the first blizzard of this winter right? Yeah, same day. I couldn’t get home from a UES from a showing, I was literally stuck wearing 5 inch suede heels expecting to go to an event that night to only be stuck with my client on 80th and 2nd. Fun, fun. So, instead of going home, I went to my moms. Which I’m not going to lie, I did not mind. I am such a momma’s girl it’s sort of embarrassing but I don’t care. When I got to my moms, she was SHOOK that I was wearing a light wool coat. It’s was a blizzard outside and I was in a light wool coat?!?! So my amazing mommy gave me her moncler puffer coat and said ” it’s meant for you anyway”. I’ll take it woman, i’ll take it.


2. Theory Shearling

I bought this shearling last year when it was $2250 and was all excited because I got it for like $1500…now you can get it for $500 (fml) BUT only size mediums left. I linked to they have a medium but you’ll have to type in theory shearling into search or theory peacoat. I love this coat so much a) its chic af b) its reversible c) how will I ever get sick of something so soft? It’s a coat I’ll be keeping for many many years. Highly recommend– and if you’re not a medium, maybe check ebay or real real?


3. Velvet Graham Coat

Velvet Tees was nice enough to let me pick a few goodies from their site and I instantly gravitated towards this coat. It’s a bit unusual for me in that its sort of colorful lol! But I LOVE it. The below pic I haven’t posted on my feed so call this a sneak peek if you will. My friend and photographer Nadya Wesley took it and the pictures came out INSANE and I’m pretty sure its because this coat makes everything about NYC pop. It’s super easy to style even though it’s “funky” for me. It has beige, grey, red, black and brown in it so you can literally throw anything on under neath and look instantly chic. Highly recommend esp. at this price point. BUT it is not warm and not meant to be warm. I think its more for spring/fall but I’m definitely going to layer this baby up for warmer winter days.


4. Grenn Pilot Teddy coat

My most asked question on instagram is probably where I got this coat! It’s one of my favorite and another piece that I know I’ll have for many many years because its incredibly warm and classic. This is by far my warmest jacket. On those blizzard days or below freezing days, I always wear this teddy coat. DM @grennpilot or email them through their website to order this jacket! HIGHLY recommend. This is my 2nd or 3rd winter wearing it…LOVE.



One of THE chicest, easy, wool coats I’ve ever come across. It’s masculine and oversized but even my husband who hates when I try to look like a boy loves it. Whenever I throw it on, I get all sorts of Rosie Huntington vibes going on which you know I cry for. Unfortunately (please don’t hate me, I don’t know why this keeps happening) it is sold out in black but available in beige which I LOVE. They do have a waiting list as well for the black color. It is pretty warm for how light it is, definitely a great layering piece as well since its oversized. Take your true size so it looks the way its supposed to!



OMG ITS ON SALE! YEAH BABY!!! Yes, another teddy coat. This one is also reversible, super chic and cozy. I particularly like the color of this one, it’s that perfect teddy coat color–not too brown or too beige but right smack in the middle. It’s big enough in the arms to wear a chunky sweater. This is one of my biggest wardrobe issues (first world problems, I know!). But what’s worse than putting on your cutest, warmest, chunkiest sweater to find that no jacket fits? Well, this coat fits the chunkiest of sweaters. Def. buy it at this price it’s a steal and you’ll wear it for years to come! PS the black is also dope



K. So maybe I have a problem? I clearly have a type. BUT this one is different because its a) WHITE b) MOTO. You guys went nuts for this jacket and I couldn’t agree more. I have a 10% off for you, BROKERS when you buy from pologeorgis. I am always a size small, but for this jacket, I took a medium because they told me it ran small and I very much dislike moto jackets running small so choose size wisely…tbh I would have even been happy with a large! Price is fair for the quality but because its short its not the warmest. Kind of good for fall/ warmer winter days.



If you do not own a camel, oversized wool coat, then you NEED this. I never wanted a camel coat and when BASH offered to me it I was like “sure”. Now I cannot imagine my wardrobe without it. It’s one of those things that for me was hard to envision how to style and how often I wear it but it’s become a serious go to staple. My favorite way to wear it so far has been with all black. ROSIE VIBES!!

I took my regular size small but wouldn’t mind it even bigger in a size up. Both look bomb. Last note, I love how professional this is. Like I can wear sweats underneath, put this coat on and VOILA its me the real estate agent not the frumpy girl in sweats :-p




Just when you thought I was done with the shearling moto’s…. This is another one you guys freak out over which I love. It is so bomb if I do say so myself. I’m a very big VB fan. Have been for YEARS. I love their blazers and now their jackets. The plaid in this coat is legitimately the nicest red/black plaid I’ve ever seen. To me, sometimes it’s very “SANTA” or “CHRISTMAS” but I don’t get those vibes with this colorway at all. VB crushed it. The white shearling inside is incredibly soft. I love how sporty the jacket is but also so so chic. I got a size small but again wouldn’t mind a bigger size. It’s just cozy goals seriously. Price point is great for the quality IMO so treat yourself!



Sadly I have more coats but I didn’t want to overwhelm you ladies with my 100’s of random coats. I picked the ones you’ve showed interest in and that are my personal favorites. If you have any questions about sizing, pricing, or anything at all, DM me! If you buy one of these, send me your pics on insta and I’ll share via stories. LOVE YOUR SUPPORT! XOXO

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