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My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay, as always, all my thoughts and opinions below are true.


Where do I start? Let’s rewind roughly 6 years to my first day at my first job out of college. I worked my butt off for 4 years to get a job in finance and here I was. Wearing a Theory suit (thanks mom) and missing a designer bag in my hand. Something everyone in finance had it seemed. After a few weeks in the industry, I thought to myself, I earned this! I deserve a designer bag. The problem? What 22 year old has $3k to spend on a designer bag? Not me.

So there I was, google-ing “designer bag sale”. I didn’t even know which one I wanted. After some research I decided on a Celine luggage bag in a dark grey, classic! I found it on eBay after literally weeks of being glued to my computer/phone. True story: I couldn’t afford the asking price of around $1500 so I bartered with the seller and showed her pictures of all my clothes. She took $1,200, a jacket and a t shirt of mine. PS: that seller is one of my best friends today. So for that alone, thank you eBay and hey Elyse 😉

I have since sold that bag on eBay buying myself another Celine bag. In my personal account I have over 100 transactions in eBay so you know I’m a fan. But enough with the past, let’s talk about the NOW!

Anytime I get my eye on a designer handbag, a pair of shoes or even jewelry, the first place I check to see if they have it available even for a bit of a discount (plus you don’t pay tax!) is  I kid you not, the steals I have found on that site are incredible. I could list them all but it would likely take up the entire blog post (remember re 100 transactions, mostly buying lol!).

I wanted to take you on my journey of finding one of these items on ebay so you can see how easy and addicting it is. Right now I’m dying for a nude/blush heeled sandal from Gianvito Rossi. With a price tag of $745 plus tax, I’d really rather try to find it on discount. Here’s the thing, some people need it to be brand new in box, I’m fine as long as it doesn’t show any signs of use.

On, I search “Gianvito Rossi” then go to the filters, I prefer to use sellers that are in the USA for easier shipping/returns, I check new in box or new without box, and lastly I filter by my size 39.5. Then voila click search let’s see what comes up. 85% of all clothing, shoes, accessories jewelry and beauty products on eBay are brand-new so my chances are pretty good! Within minutes, I found the perfect pair. Gianvito Rossi size 39.5 never worn but it was the store model so slightly tried on down from $745 to $250! This is why I love Ebay. Never hit “purchase now” faster in my entire life!

Fast forward a few days later and I’m already loving my new blush sandals. I know I can wear them to work, for date night, or dress it down for a casual vibe with denim and a vintage tee. LOVE LOVE LOVE!



Since I was already on the site… I couldn’t help myself but find some other wishlist items that I had to share with you ladies! Check these out *drool*:


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