T3: The Bigger the Better

Morning Beautiful Ladies!

A little while ago T3 sent me over their featherweight compact (foldable) blow dryer and featherweight straightener which is already in my suitcase ready to go. This is something I would have 100% indulged on since we travel quite a bit and I need a real blow dryer not the ones attached to the walls in hotels! Check out that review here!

So when T3 sent me the full size version of the SINGLEPASS LUXE (Smart heat for smart style. In one smooth pass. YES INDEED) and the Featherweight Lux 2i blow dryer you can imagine how excited I was. I guess it’s true what they say, “THE BIGGER THE BETTER!”. I mean, the travel size was legit impeccable for travel size (and even compared to some regular size ones, it’s pretty strong!) but these babies. Oh man. It always takes forever to dry my hair. Although I have thin hair, there’s quite a lot of it, and they’re frizzy, curly, and hate me, I’m convinced.

I got to try the dryer out one time and was in love. There was no turning back. In comes my mom, with thick arabic hair, see’s the dryer, tries it and says “OMG THIS IS THE SICKEST DRYER EVER” and steals it. Really mom? Oy. I always steal her stuff so I figured I’d let her have it and order me a new one here. I didn’t let her see the straightening tool because that is MINE! If you have fine hair you know that straightening tools burn and break off your hair. I do not know what magic T3 uses for their tool, but after using their singlepass lux straightener my hair seemed not only wavy (I don’t like straight straight here so I used it to create waves) but it also felt healthy and strong. Their technology in all their tools are so advanced that I feel that I’m bettering my hair by using them. Now how many heat tools can you say that about?

These two are my main heat tools I use. I do use a crappy curling iron from YEARS ago..simply because I’m lazy to get a new one and I may try the T3 curling iron next! Since this is all I use, the majorityof my photos where my hair is in the pic, I’ve used T3. Now you know my secrets! X

PS it certainly does not hurt that the actual tools are GORGEOUS. White and rose gold? GENIUS.


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