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Spring is here and one of my favorite thing about living in NYC is the changing seasons which means changing wardrobes AND scents. It’s amazing how many people use the same 1 or 2 perfumes all year round. To me, there is a specific scent for summer, spring, winter and fall. Am I crazy? NOPE! But if you don’t believe me you will at the end of this 😉

In the winter, we wear coats, furry boots and want hot chocolate by the burning fireplace. This to me smells woody, warm, maybe even a little spicy and/ or hints of vanilla. This is definitely a yummy smell but it is not what I want to smell like when I have on ripped jeans, a cute statement top and flats with NO JACKET! I want to smell like spring…flowers, fresh, some citrus notes and maybe a bit of that wood to help me transition from winter.

The beautiful girls over at Alison Brod MC agency were sweet enough to let me review four different perfumes and I’ve added two of mine. Here we go:

1.Brand: Phlur $85 BUY
Scent Siano

Very decadent, a bit floral and very strong and sexy. This is a scent for a strong woman who’s probably a bad ass or boss girl and is on a night out! I wouldn’t wear this for the day unless it was winter time.

PS This brand makes ridiculously good looking packaging. I feel like all perfumes are glass bottles and Phlur really crushed it with their beautiful bottles. I want them around me for decor too not just the great smells.

Phlur also sent another scent:

2. Greylocke $85 BUY

This scent is more my vibe, I like a nice clean scent for spring. This one reminds me of clean laundry in a beach house where it’s not quite warm enough to go into the pool aka spring. Haha I swear that’s really what it reminds me of! I smell a lot of earth tones… the sea, just a super earthy, calm and happy scent. This one may be one of the few that I’d like for all year round but certainly a winner for spring.

3.Brand:Ralph Lauren $96 BUY

Scent: Tender Romance 

Ok…no joke, my husband and I are obsessed with this scent. I know to each their own but dayum. I smell ginger, flowers, happiness, love, sweetness and unicorns in this one. I absolutely love it for spring and summer. It may be even more of a summer smell to me because it’s pretty sweet but it smells beautifully in the bottle and even better on the skin.

Ralph Lauren sent another scent:

4.White Lily: $140 BUY

This really is perfect for spring and fall. I smell some citrus fruit, vanilla, lily’s of course and some spicyness. It’s funny because when I smelt it I thought it smells like the UES…and funny enough, it was inspired by their UES madison avenue store…which if you haven’t been there, go now! It’s absolutely stunning as is this scent.

Brand: Sara Jessica Parker (SJP Beauty) 

5.Stash $85 BUY

Sexy and bold just like the carrie bradshaw we love and remember 😉 This is definitely not a spring scent but would be perfect for fall and winter. It is very strong and sexy..almost like a cologne which I absolutely love for winter time or even a night out in the warm summer nights!


Gypsey Water  $150 BUY

This has been my go to for years. It just smells like me. Everyone has one of those smells, right? Very smoky, hippie-ish, lemon and warm amber. Perfect for fall and winter but I can’t lie I do wear this one all year round. In the warmer months I just wear it as my night time scent!

7.Mojave Ghost $150 BUY

This one I recently discovered when I went to Barneys to refill my Gypsey Water. This scent is definitely more of a spring/ fall vibe to it. There is sandalwood and it has that earthy smell but also smells sweet and citrus-ey. Kind of a best of both worlds type of scent!

So there you have it ladies. What’s your favorite? What are you going to wear for spring? You now have my 7 favorite scents for 2017! ENJOY XX

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