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Good Morning Ladies and jeez I’ve been dying to say this… HAPPY SPRING!!!!

NYers we finally made it past the brutal winter and now there’s only sunshine, pools, beaches, mini skirts, and outdoor rooptops in our near future. Hope you are as excited as I am. I have been wearing my Romwe Lips top a bit too much I must admit. I’ve been asked where it’s from and how to get your hands on it and I’ve been quite secretive until now. The funny thing is I consider myself a high designer brand wh*re. Right? I mean, most of my clothes are from Barney’s but I’ve noticed that the one’s you guys seem to like the most are the ones that are secretly under $50. Fine by me, trust me, I rather spent <$50 than >$50! So from now on, I will try to focus more on mixing high and lows. Let me know what you think 😉

So the secret is now revealed. My cute white button down shirt with gorgeous rid lips all over is from and it is linked here . I got the size Small and it certainly runs to to size. It feels so lux and the material is soft and just amazing. I really got about 100 compliments on it so far. Oh, and remember how I said it was below $50? Well it’s actually under $20! Enjoy ladies!!!



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