Love Me Forever or Never

Good MORNING!!!!!!!!!! I sang that, in case you’re wondering. I had a really special day yesterday. I excelled in work where other brokers (top top brokers) couldn’t and it made me feel successful for the first time in a long time. If you know my background, then you know I am, quite successful, in real estate. I’m also super super hard on myself so to feel that was very special for me! I know I’m being vague but once it’s 100% for sure, I will share with everyone 🙂

I’ve always believed that my morals and strong loyalty has helped me in life. Those who truly know me, know that I’m too loyal for my own good. Once I love you, I will love you forever. And I want the same in return. Once I saw this jacket from Make Me Chic, it was a no brainer. When I opened it up in the mail, my husband said ” did you custom make it? ” ha!

So ladies, make sure you know your worth and you tell them, “Love me forever, or never” 😉 and you’ll never believe how much this satin bomber here  <333


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