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It’s the time of the SEAAASONN for Loovingggg FURRRR. See what I did there? I’m so creative 😉

First off, HELLO! Thank you for reading my blog and coming to the site. I know I don’t post often but you guys did ask me to do it more so I am trying to push myself in the mornings before going out to see Scarlett to write more. I wanted to talk about something pretty relevant in most of our lives, especially us NYers… COATS/ JACKETS. Ugh. I have to say, coat shopping for me is the absolute worst. I have some sort of phobia of feeling suffocated in coats, I wish I was kidding. They’re all tight in my shoulder/pit area and make me look like one big rectangle with a furry hood. Just not a fan. So I went to Saks and shopped online like crazy to find you the best coats.

If you remember from last year, I partnered up with Karen Levitt the designer and owner of Grenn Pilot and showed you some of her shearlings. I wanted to share you with you the coat she gifted me, mind you she didn’t ask me to write a blog post I just wanted to! I truly truly love this coat which is called the Coco Pea Coat. All of her products are cut from 100% Sheepskin, Cowhide, leather or suede. All of the skins they resource come from sustainable sources, they are all a byproduct of the food industry ( so basically you are eating the animal first and the by product is the skin. So this is the difference between shearlings (what Grenn Pilot makes) and fur. The quality and everything else fancy is the same. I really love knowing this fact. As an animal lover its hard for me when people yell at me for wearing shearlings and fur but the truth is, I eat meat and wear leather so for me, unless I went vegan completely I don’t see the difference I would make. Sorry not sorry 😉 Wearing shearling is my effort.


So back to this coat. Since the day I got it, I kid you not, I have not taken it off. AGAIN– I am not obliged to write this. I am just so genuinley obsessed. I like how the sleeves are wide enough so I can wear a bigger sweater with somewhat statement sleeves which is no in style now. I also love that I can put a sweatsuit and sneakers on add this coat and automatically look like a celebrity running from paparazzi. At least, I think I do 😉 But because I was always wearing this with sweats or boyfriend jeans I wanted to “challenge” myself and see if I can wear it with a sexy date night look and totally killed it. Pretty sure my husband will in turn kill me for showing you this outfit. SEND HELP. SOS.

Point is, this jacket is super versatile and I give it (As well as my hubs) a 10 out of 10. Wanted to link some of my other favorite coats out there which some are on sale so check it out! For this Grenn Pilot coat go to or message Karen Levitt on their instagram @grennpilot






Photos by Sarah Kuzselewicz

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