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Hayyyy Ladies!!

So we all have that one thing we’re addicted to. Whether its coffee, makeup, bags…whatever it may be, we all got one. Well, big surprise, mine is jeans. I have a sick obsession with denim. I don’t know when, how or why this addiction started but all I know is that I now have 62 pairs of jeans. Excessive? YES. Do I need help? No, drink your coffee and shaddup!

I am somewhat of a denim connoisseur, similar to those who are addicted to wine or coffee. I know who makes the best ripped denim, boyfriend denims, skinny, black, embroidered, flared, extra long, perfectly cropped…you name it, I got you covered baby.

I was so excited to work with James Jeans because I happen to know, they make THE BEST black skinny on earth. Not only is it incredibly flattering but it’s super black. I know that may sound weird, but black is a shade of grey. I don’t want a washed out black I want a true black that is a bit more classy then the usual daily black denim. So it’s super dark black, it’s super flattering and it’s stretchy-ish so it’s comfy yet slimming. Win win ladies! I’m wearing the James twiggy ankle black swan without knee slits, though I love both styles. Also, the Wheel of James Jeans is here! Now thru 2/15, head over to @JamesJeans to win a free pair of jeans or awesome prizes! #myjamesjeans #wheelofjj #ad #sponsored #buttheopinionsaremyown 😉

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