Bijou Lashes

Hi Ladies!

There’s nothing sexier than long thick…eyelashes, AM I RIGHT?! I’ve been blessed with long lashes BUT since I’m a blondie, they are quite light brown and not as thick as I want them to be. When Bijou lashes sent me their mink I was a little hesitant. I have tried permanent lashes before, and HATED IT. One time, the technician got glue in my eye (BEFORE MY WEDDING) and my eye was bright red up until the ceremony. True story. The second time ( I know, I’m nuts for going again) was perfectly fine and looked beautiful. The problem the second time was, I am a human being. Like many human beings, I wash my face and touch my eyes. Oh! and I have allergies so I like to rub my eyes. It feels good and I’ll do it if I want! I’m not even going to mention how I pulled piece by piece out 🙂

So I thought, ok well these aren’t permanent or even last more than a few hours. My favorite thing besides not being permanent is the fact that when you take them off, they’re not ruined. You put them back in your case and voila, they’re ready to go out again on a night out on the town 😉 Putting them on was fairly easy and they stayed on the entire time I wanted them on. Taking them off didn’t hurt, as many others do (for me at least). Possibly my favorite thing was how light the ‘Ever so Light’ mink lashes were. Doesn’t hurt that they’re sexy as hell either 😉

Check them out here, at $29.99 plus use “brokersandbags10%” to get 10% off 🙂


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